Forget buying one of those new iPad Pro models – this new Walmart’s Black Friday deal is the one to get.  Getting 2017’s iPad Pro 10.5 down to this low price? Er, yes please.The discount is on the top-end 512GB version of the tablet, and brings its price down to a similar level to what you’d often still be spending on the 64GB version of one of 2017’s best iPads.It’s still considered one of the best iPads that money can buy – it’s currently ranked number 6 in our best iPad guide – and this is far cheaper than a lot of other top-end storage iPad Pro models you’ll be able to get your hands on.
There are newer and better versions of Apple’s iPad Pro range available, but considering this is the largest 512GB storage size model of the iPad Pro 10.5 for only $599, this could be well worth you picking up as your next tablet.When we tested this device we found it had amazing audio as well as a crisp display and some incredible power. Our main criticism was the high price – especially for the largest storage size – so this discount makes it an excellent option and with iPadOS landing to make it more into a fully-functioning computer, it’s a top choice.Holding fire for a different type of deal on one of Apple’s tablets? Well, be sure to keep an eye on our roundup of the best Black Friday iPad deals.
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