The Motorola Razr, just the third consumer foldable phone to be launched, and the first from the brand, is set to be unveiled in LA later today, and revealing pictures of the futuristic handset have leaked, giving us plenty of information about the device.The images were spotted by Mysmartprice on the FCC website – that’s the US Federal Communications Commission, and are pictures taken during certification testing.
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They show the handset from various angles both folded and unfolded, and they match up with other leaked Motorola Razr images we’ve seen. The FCC pictures aren’t exactly eye-catching, but then again they’re not press shots, and they do give us a good idea of what to expect when the Motorola Razr is officially announced.
Some points of interest: there seems to be a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor (on the rear when the device is folded and unfolded), a camera on either side of the body, a USB-C port but no headphone jack, a 21:9 aspect ratio screen, and a textured back design that reminds us of Motorola Razrs of old.So the device looks interesting enough (although the chunky chin is a bit off-putting), but we’ve heard the specs might be a little antiquated – although that would make sense given this is supposedly the first mid-range foldable phone, with the Samsung Galaxy Fold a decidedly premium device in terms of price.The Motorola Razr is set to launch in Los Angeles today, November 13, so there’s not long now until we see the first foldable phone from Motorola, and only the third major commercial device like it in the world. Stay tuned to TechRadar as we bring you all the latest on the intriguing device.
Motorola Razr 2019 image shows the phone in someone’s hands