Realme X2 Pro launched in India starting at Rs 29,999

Realme X2 Pro has launched in India and is the first flagship phone from Realme Mobiles. The company has introduced it in the market to take on the likes of Redmi K20 Pro and OnePlus 7T. And like all flagship phones to come out in the second half of 2019, the X2 Pro is also powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor.Having[…]

Samsung W20 5G is an improved Galaxy Fold with 5G capabilities

Samsung W20 5G has been unveiled in China and is the second foldable by the company. It’s not very different than the Galaxy Fold which has started rolling out to global markets and is the first foldable to hit most markets.The Samsung W20 was teased by China Telecom as an upcoming foldable smartphone with 5G capabilities. Many expected it to be[…]

Rode’s VideoMic NTG is a pro microphone for any kind of user

Industry-leading microphone manufacturer, Rode, has announced the merging of two of its most popular lines of compact microphone systems, combining the best features of the VideoMic and NTG series into the aptly named VideoMic NTG.The NTG series of shotgun microphones is known for its broadcast-quality audio, integrated battery and lightweight-yet-rugged design, making it ideal for[…]

Olympus may consider selling its camera division after all

The winds have changed: just when we thought Olympus wasn’t going anywhere any time soon, the company’s CEO Yasuo Takeuchi has told reporters that there could be some major changes on the way. According to a Bloomberg report, the company is planning on restructuring “in due course” – which could involve job cuts – to[…]

Tim Cook: Why Apple doesn’t always have to be first

Apple CEO Tim Cook has opened up about his plans for the future and some of his most personal values.Speaking at the Dreamforce 2019 event in San Francisco today, the Apple chief revealed some of his most pertinent drives, including how he sees the future of the iPhone maker evolving in the near future.In a[…]

This new smartwatch could be your next great health tool

OMRON Healthcare is launching the first clinically validated, wearable blood pressure monitor in the form of a new smartwatch called HeartGuide.In addition to being the number one brand recommend by cardiologists in Europe, the company is delivering its mission of “Going for Zero” compromise when it comes to cardiovascular health with the European launch of[…]

Salesforce: Welcome to the fourth wave of computing

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff has hailed the approach of a new technology “revolution” in helping transform the modern workplace.Speaking at his opening keynote of the Dreamforce 2019 event in San Francisco, Benioff highlighted how a “fourth wave of computing” with a focus on data and analytics is helping more businesses succeed.Noting the revolution that data[…]

The best business laptops

Having the right laptop is now a crucial part of your business life, with more and more us requiring a device that lets us work on the go.The best business laptops on this page all combine the latest hardware with productivity features – while also offering slimline designs like the best Ultrabooks and long battery[…]

The best keyboards

Don’t wait to get one of the best keyboards until your old one finally dies on you. If your keyboard is starting to show its age, collecting dust or just not giving you want you need from it, you might want to think about picking up one of the best keyboards now. The benefits to[…]

The best iPhone lenses

Your iPhone camera is great, but you can make the most of their photography potential by strapping a secondary iPhone lens on them, just like you would a proper camera.Sure, you may as well just grab a compact camera or DSLR, but given the connectivity  and ease of your iPhone, it’s still a preferable device[…]

Don’t download this Windows 10 update -it’s packed with ransomware

Security researchers from Trustwave’s SpiderLabs have discovered a new malicious campaign which spoofs urgent update emails from Microsoft to infect user’s systems with the Cyborg ransomware.Targeted users first receive an email with either the subject line ‘Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!’ or ‘Critical Microsoft Windows Update!’ which is already suspicious as Microsoft pushes Windows[…]

The best portable printers

On this page you’ll find the best portable printers that are perfect if you spend a lot of time travelling and you need to be able to print out documents and photos quickly and easily.Thanks to modern advancements, printers these days are more versatile than ever, with many boasting compact sizes and wireless connectivity, which[…]