When it comes time to get a new SIM only deal you’ll often see promotions for unlimited data, bundles, gifts and long convoluted names for a speed boost – all of which carry some pretty premium prices. But for those unimpressed by all those bells and whistles, we have the perfect offer for you.Coming from one of the smaller SIMO providers out there, Smarty Mobile has unveiled its new Mini plan – a SIM only deal for just £5 a month! Like we said above, there’s nothing crazy on offer here. You’re only getting 500Mb of data but this is a deal for those who love a bargain price tag.And despite those low monthly costs, there is still a host of benefits that come with this tariff. You’re getting both unlimited texts and minutes – an uncommon feature at this price – and not to mention the fact that Smarty operates on rolling 1-month contracts.That means you can use this SIM only plan for as long as you want – one month, a year, 35 years – it all depends just how committed you are to cheap bills! Now, find everything you need to know about your new cheap plan below.
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Smarty’s superb SIM only deal in full:
What other SIM only deals are available?
Not sure that you can cope with the lower amount of data? Stepping up in price to £9 a month could land you a 8GB of data SIM instead from Three.Or if you quite like Smarty’s 1-month rolling system, they also have an unlimited data option that might convince you to upgrade. At £18.75, its one of the cheapest offers for no data caps right now.Finally, if you just need a small boost to your data, iD Mobile – Carphone Warehouse’s own network – can offer you 2.5GB of data for £7 a month. And like Smarty, you’ll be on a 1-month rolling contract.
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