Fake ID market bypasses anti-fraud measures

Despite anti-fraud measures such as ultraviolet ink marking and holographic overlays, a growing underground economy of sites has emerged for criminals looking to obtain and use fraudulent US ID cards according to new research from Flashpoint.Although only few of these sites can deliver quality fraudulent reproductions, there are some sites with high ratings and positive[…]

Cascade Lake-X Looking Good – Intel Core i9 10940X and 10920X Benchmarks Leaked

Intel Cascade Lake-X processors are getting close to launching and high-end desktop users are more than ready to see how the Skylake-X successor is going to perform. Intel announced during IFA 2019 that Cascade Lake-X twice the performance per dollar of their Skylake-X predecessors. Finally, some @Intel Cascade Lake-X info! Relative performance per dollar is 1.74x –[…]

IT resellers are overcharging businesses

At a time when IT security budgets are already falling, a new study from Probrand has revealed the scale of margins some buyers are paying out to IT resellers which shows how businesses in some industries are unnecessarily wasting what little resources they do have.To compile its new IT Product Margins Report 2019, the firm[…]

AMD Adds RIS Support for Radeon Cards With Vega GPUs

Over two weeks ago, AMD added its brand new Radeon Image Sharpening (RIS) feature to the Radeon RX 570, RX 580, RX 590, RX 470, and RX 480 graphics cards. Today, AMD has expanded RIS support to the Radeon VII, RX Vega 64, RX Vega 56 and Vega Frontier Edition graphics cards. RIS uses an contrast-adaptive sharpening[…]

Google facing privacy probe on use of HTTPS in Chrome

Congressional antitrust investigators have raised concerns over Google’s plans to use a new internet protocol which they believe could give the search giant an unfair competitive advantage over its rivals.Earlier this month, investigators from the House Judiciary Committee sent the company a letter requesting for information about its “decision regarding whether to adopt or promote[…]

Microsoft will now encrypt new SSDs with BitLocker

Although Windows ships with its own full volume encryption tool called BitLocker, SSDs that claimed to offer their own hardware-based encryption were trusted by the tool and left alone.Now though, after a recent update to Windows 10, Microsoft will assume that connected SSDs don’t actually encrypt anything.In a Twitter post, SwiftOnSecurity described why the software[…]

TCL ELIT400NC Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review

TCL ELIT400NC Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones Review TCL is best known for budget friendly televisions and is one of the quickest growing consumer electric companies around. In 2018, TCL sales reached nearly $6 billion USD after selling over 28 million TVs among other things. TCL also happens to be America’s fastest-growing TV brand and the second[…]

How to build a cheap gaming PC that doesn’t suck

PC gaming has a reputation for being really expensive to get into. It’s easy to scrounge the internet, finding examples of extremely high-end systems that can cost thousands of dollars to build. But, there’s more to the best gaming PCs than what the 1% can afford. To prove that point, we’ll show you how to build[…]

Nikon D6: everything we know so far

You could be forgiven for thinking that DSLRs are dead in the water, what with the leading camera manufacturers throwing much of their development weight behind mirrorless – and those manufacturers include Nikon.However, in September 2019, Nikon announced that the Nikon D6 was in development, just in time for the Olympic Games in 2020. Its[…]

Epic Games Store vs Steam: a tale of two digital storefronts

Epic made quite a few ripples when it opened its digital game store back in December 2018. Tantalizing developers with a generous 88% profit share (as opposed to Steam’s 70%), the Fortnite publisher nabbed exclusivity deals for some notable new games. Meanwhile, it’s reeling in droves of gamers by offering a free game every, ahem,[…]

Why Corsair believes in the wireless future of PC gaming

Corsair surprised us early in 2018 with its first wireless keyboard, the K63 Wireless, and while we rated it with a nearly perfect score in our review, we wanted the inside story behind it. So, we’ve traveled to Corsair headquarters in Fremont, California to hear the tale straight from the source.Michael Grey, Senior Product Line[…]