The best SIM-only plans in Australia: updated August 2019

When it comes to mobile plans, those that come bundled with a handset tend to steal the limelight, but if you’ve already got a phone you’re happy with, then SIM-only plans present an excellent opportunity to save some money.As the name implies, a SIM-only plan is any plan that doesn’t bundle in a phone, whether[…]

NBN plan comparison: best value options (updated July 2019)

With the NBN rollout well underway and expected to reach its completion target by 2020, there’s a good chance you’ve already got access to the nation’s high-speed network. While different addresses and areas have access to different connection types, one of the toughest choices customers will face is deciding which provider to go with, which[…]

Google brings Titan Security Key to the UK

Google has revealed it is bringing its Titan Security Key to a range of new markets, including the UK.The physical key offers increased security for users, providing two-factor authentication (2FA) and will now be coming The company says that the physical security keys have entirely cut out phishing attacks among Google employees, and wants to bring[…]

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 vs. Samsung Galaxy Tab S4

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is pitched to be a professional’s tablet – powerful, versatile, and with a few new features that make it an attractive alternative to the comparably-sized 11-inch iPad Pro. But is it truly better than its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S4, that came out the year before?You’d be forgiven for[…]

Entrepreneurs not threatened by AI and automation

Entrepreneurs in the US face both technological and political disruption that is helping them to prosper and grow while also requiring them to adapt in new ways according to GoDaddy’s new Global Entrepreneurship Survey.The web hosting giant’s survey was conducted by the research firm Savanta and surveyed 4,505 small business owners in Australia, Canada, Germany,[…]

The 5 best back to school backpacks for 2019

All of the semester’s books, plus your laptop, plus your everyday essentials is a heavy enough physical burden to bear much less the figurative weight of coursework and a reputation to upkeep. Picking out the best back to school backpack for you can lift some of that burden. Naturally, we happen to be experts in[…]

Financial malware threat grows

The number of users hit by financial malware grew by seven percent during the first half of 2019 to reach 430,000 according to new research from Kaspersky which revealed the growing threat that banking Trojans pose to both businesses and individuals.This type of malware is aimed at stealing finances and financial data while also providing[…]

Google uncovers security flaws in iMessage

Researchers from Google’s Project Zero have shared the details of five flaws they discovered in Apple’s iMessage software that could leave its devices vulnerable to attack.One of the vulnerabilities they uncovered was so severe that only way to save a targeted iPhone would require deleting all of the data contained on the device. Another vulnerability[…]

The best O2 phone deals in August 2019

O2 has been killing it with deals recently, we’ve been seeing some of our absolute favourite offers coming up with this provider in the start of 2019. While offers from O2 themselves aren’t too strong, 3rd party retailers (like and Carphone Warehouse) have been throwing out consistently strong deals with O2.The company has been[…]

The best EE phone deals in August 2019

EE Phone deals are one of the best options with a UK network, here’s why. Having built its reputation around being the UK’s fastest 4G network, an accolade they wear with pride and one that encourages many to switch to this super popular network, EE has marked its top position with ease. EE phone deals are[…]

The best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals in August 2019

In theory, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals should now be old news – right? Well we would disagree, the phone might have now been replaced by a few newer Samsung models but it still stands as one of their best releases yet, now at a super affordable price.Both the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and the[…]

The best Three mobile deals in August 2019

Three mobile has for a long time been well known in the UK for offering good deals, especially for customers looking for some seriously big data bundles. In the early days, the network was blighted by poor reception in many areas but these days Three mobile doesn’t have any such issues and its prices can[…]

The best Vodafone deals in August 2019

Vodafone is one of the biggest networks in the world and by far one of the most powerful brands in the UK. Not surprising when they so frequently offer excellent tariffs on flagship handsets like the iPhone XR, Galaxy S9 and the market’s other favourite phones. Vodafone seems to go through fits and spurts when[…]