Facebook looking to restrict livestreams, open to more regulation

It’s not been an easy couple of years for Facebook in terms of user privacy and data security and everything else, but the giant social network seems determined to start sorting out at least some of its problems.TechCrunch reports on an open letter published by Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg, in which she says[…]

Best document scanning apps of 2019

Despite the fact that we live in an increasingly digital world, many organizations still print out important documents on paper – whether it be a letter, contract, bank statement, invoice, receipt or educational handout.Some people still rely heavily on paper, too, because they don’t have access to the internet. But this is only a minority[…]

The Sega Genesis Mini gets a release date and a price

We’ve known for some time now that Sega was planning on releasing a Genesis Mini retro console, but up until now details have been thin on the ground. We do now finally have a release date for the box: September 19.Kotaku reports that the announcement was made on stage at Sega Fes 2019. The Sega[…]

Our solar system’s violent past

When we look at the planets and moons of our solar system today, it would be very easy to be fooled into thinking that everything always looked this way. But over the past few years, scientists have learned to their surprise that the solar system used to look very different indeed. Below we’ll list some[…]

New remote and gamepad tipped for the Nvidia Shield TV

The Nvidia Shield TV was one of the first Android TV boxes to hit the market and it remains one of the best. Nvidia has continued to push a steady stream of updates out for the device, and it looks like another is in the pipeline.XDA Developers reports that the Shield’s latest code refers to[…]

Four ways that a free VPN can profit from its users

VPNs can be divided into two types: free VPN services and paid. Running a VPN service requires considerable investment in all manner of elements, including a good website, client software for a variety of platforms, many servers in multiple locations with plenty of bandwidth, and a customer support team to keep all this working throughout[…]

Google Pixel 4: what we want to see

Since its launch in 2016, the Pixel line has become a reliable tentpole in the smartphone release calendar. Offering a suite of features with an almost unmatched level of software polish, the handsets have done a lot to earn the adoration of the tech community at large.That isn’t to say that the competition is resting[…]

Hackers publish details on critical Magento flaw

The Magento e-commerce platform could soon face a number of attacks after hackers publicly released code that exploits a critical vulnerability in its systems which could be used to plant payment card skimmers on sites that have not yet been updated.PRODSECBUG-2198 is the name of the SQL injection vulnerability that attackers can exploit without the[…]