The iPad 9.7 (2018) is on sale again today, and this time the price is actually cheaper than it was on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s a total of $100 off the MSRP.You can buy the iPad 2018 for $229 through Walmart right now. Amazon also has the same deal, though inventory is likely to be low at both stores. Previously, it was $80 – and people snapped up this deal quickly last month.
The iPad 2018 was always a good deal, even at $329 when it launched in March. It’s the best iPad for most people and also the best tablet if you don’t want to spend crazy money on a Pro tablet.At $249, we said it was a fantastic deal during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And now, the price has fallen even further by another $20. We’ve gone from good deal to fantastic deal – what’s next?There’s one caveat: so far, we see the iPad 2018 deal only applied to the Space Gray and Silver versions. You’ll have to fork out more money if you want the Gold edition of the new iPad.Update: The gold version is now also on sale through Walmart. But this is likely to be the most popular color, so it’ll sell out more quickly than the others.Considering this was among the most popular deals in the last month, we don’t expect the low price to last long at either Walmart or Amazon, so get it while you can.
Apple’s MacBook Air 2018 is also a cool $150 off