The regional gap in AI adoption

To better understand how artificial intelligence (AI) is being adopted differently by nations around the world, we sat down with Virtusa’s Executive Vice President of Global Digital Solutions, Frank Palermo. We’ve also highlighted the best AI platforms for business 1. Is there much disparity between different global regions’ approaches to robotics, artificial intelligence and autonomous[…]

Google launches “Abtal Al Internet” initiative to teach children online safety habits

Aiming to encourage children to be confident online explorers while avoiding potential cybersecurity pitfalls, Google has launched “Abtal Al Internet” (Internet Heroes) initiative in Arabic, a free online platform full of learning resources and interactive activities on online safety for kids, parents and educators. This move seems in line with Google’s Be Internet Awesome initiative[…]

20 ways to promote your website

We’re all familiar with the term ‘one hit wonder’, and many artists or groups have had huge success with a single song, then subsequently nosedived into commercial oblivion with their following tracks.The lifecycle of a website can be disturbingly similar, at least to a point. There’s a kind of gravitational force which acts on all websites, pulling them down the[…]

Intel, ESL and the future of esports in the UK

Last week, over 300 leading figures from sports, technology and esports attended the biggest esports business conference in Europe: ESI London. During the two-day conference, the esports industry’s best and brightest took part in discussions and debates surrounding the most pressing issues facing their field. The primary focus: what does the future hold for the thriving[…]

The ‘lazy’ option: Should you let a third-party outfit manage your website?

Read enough business journals, and you’ll encounter the expression ‘core business’ on a regular basis. The phrase refers to the part of the company that creates, produces or services those things which are the intrinsic reason that the business exists. Most firms have departments like human resources and accounts that are important in operational terms, but aren’t ‘core business’ functions. Some companies will[…]

10 innovative toys your kids should be playing with

Main image: Anki’s Vector robotThe advent of cheaper processors and some clever software flourishes has meant that we’re seeing a huge rise in connected toys that interact with children, as opposed to those children simply play with – and there’s a smart element to these toys that elevates them above more basic kid-friendly gadgets. Whether it’s[…]