What could a Google gaming platform look like?

Google is reportedly looking at entering the video game market, with a streaming platform set to rival Xbox and PlayStation.Codenamed ‘Yeti’, the under-wraps project would look to offload the processing requirements of high-end games to its own off-site server, allowing standard smart TVs or even budget PCs to replicate the performance of much more advanced[…]

Cheap VPS hosting deals

VPS (Virtual Private Servers), as a hosting option, sit between shared hosting and dedicated servers in the overall hierarchy of web hosting. However, while they share a lot of features with dedicated servers, their prices tend to be much lower, almost in line with shared hosting.So it isn’t surprising that they are the preferred option[…]

Fitbit Ionic 2: what we want to see

The Fitbit Ionic isn’t quite the all singing, all dancing mash-up of fitness tracker and smartwatch you might have been hoping for, as our 3.5-star review shows.It’s not without its merits though, and there’s a lot of potential for improvement, potential that we hope will be met in the likely Fitbit Ionic 2. We’ve already seen[…]

The best iPhone games 2018

It would take approximately 34,506,455 years to play through every single iPhone game on the App Store.Well.. that number might be fairly inexact, but such is the wealth of titles on the app portal, combined with the depth of some of those on offer, you could easily play happily on your phone for years without[…]

Huawei P21: what we want to see

The Huawei P20 is a strong phone and the Huawei P20 Pro is even better, rivalling the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.We want to see the Huawei P21 (or the Huawei P30, as it may be called) build on that momentum and we’ve come up with a list of things that would help[…]

LG G8: what we want to see

The LG G8 – or LG G8 ThinQ as it might be called – probably won’t land for quite a while yet, but early rumors are already emerging, suggesting it could be a significant upgrade.So it’s worth getting excited about, and to help with that you’ll find all the news and rumors about the phone[…]

Sony Smartwatch 4: will it ever happen?

Almost four years after announcing its third smartwatch, Sony has shown no intention of releasing a new Wear OS watch and instead has opted to focus its mobile business with new iterations of its phones and hearable products like the Xperia Ear Duo.The Sony Smartwatch 3 from 2014 was for a long time one of[…]

Huawei 5G phone coming next year

Huawei has confirmed it is set to launch a 5G-ready smartphone next year.Speaking at the Mobile World Congress Shanghai event, Huawei Rotating Chairman Eric Xu revealed the company is planning a range of 5G solutions in 2019 as it continues its push towards the next-generation networks.This includes launching a 5G-ready smartphone in June 2019, following[…]

The best cheap PS4 deals and bundles in June 2018

Your search for the best cheap PS4 deals is over. Despite this time of year usually being a bit tricky for discounts (until Amazon Prime Day that is), we’ve found a few tempting offers for you. By searching through retailer’s listings we’ve found the best prices on the latest PS4 bundles including the brand new[…]