Best Bluetooth headsets

If you’re looking for the best Bluetooth headsets money can buy, then you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we look at the top devices that allow you to easily make and receive phone calls hands-free. No matter if you’re in a car or at your desk – this collection of the best[…]

The best monitors

Getting the best monitor you can afford will make your life so much simpler. After all, the monitor is the window into the computer’s soul. Everything is easier to digest, whether it’s watching a movie, photo editing or reading an ebook. And the better the monitor, the more immersive your experience will be. While there are[…]

The best smart home devices

Although it may have taken years to become a reality for many of us, the smart home has finally arrived. Devices designed to turn your ‘dumb’ home into a smart hub are more popular than ever. You can now turn your thermostat up, lock your doors, and play your music with a simple voice command.The[…]

Huawei P40 slated for a global launch despite Google services lockout

Despite increased US government scrutiny and a pared-down launch of its previous flagship smartphone, the Huawei P40 is slated for a release in Europe and other overseas markets, sources familiar with internal policies told The Information.Europe, yes, but it’s not clear if Huawei’s launch plans includes the US, as the government’s Huawei Ban led to[…]

Security is the big challenge for edge computing

One of the Linux Foundation’s newest initiatives is LF Edge. Launched at the start of the year, LF Edge is an umbrella initiative that hosts over half a dozen projects that are working together to develop an interoperable framework for edge computing. You can gauge the importance of the project by running through its list[…]

The best gaming laptops

We’ve collected our choices for the best gaming laptops of the year. And with any of these products, you’ll be able to tackle the newest games without relying on a massive desktop PC.While you might want to consider one of the best gaming PCs if you don’t plan on ever moving it, gaming laptops are[…]

Microsoft Teams hits 20 million daily active users

Microsoft has announced that its group-chat service Teams has now reached 20m daily active users (DAU) after launching just two years ago in 2017.Back in July, the company revealed that the service had reached the 13m DAU milestone but it seems Teams has seen increased adoption over the past few months as more and more[…]

Salesforce is using Amazon AI to make call centres better than ever

Calling customer service could be about to get a lot less painful thanks to a new partnership between AWS and Salesforce.The software giant has announced it will be using AI technology from Amazon’s cloud computing arm into its Service Cloud to provide call transcription services directly to customer agents.Salesforce will be using Amazon Connect technology[…]

Canon EOS M50 Mark II: everything we know so far

The Canon EOS M50 is one of the best beginner mirrorless cameras around, particularly as its price tag is considerably lower than when it first launched in early 2018.But time waits for no camera and the first early rumors of an EOS M50 II (which could also be called the M60) have started swirling.Its release[…]

Macy’s hit by customer data breach

The American department store chain Macy’s has revealed that it suffered a data breach after hackers gained access to its website and used malicious scripts to steal customer’s payment information.The retailer fell victim to a MageCart attack at the beginning of October when hackers added a malicious script to its ‘Checkout’ and ‘My Wallet’ pages.[…]

The road to full autonomy: a Q&A with Arm

Self-driving cars have captured the imaginations of businesses and consumers alike but fully autonomous vehicles are still a ways off. This is because there are a number of safety, security and logistical issues that still need be solved before human drivers can begin to share the road with self-driving vehicles.To better understand the challenges that[…]