We talk a lot about big data SIM only deals, seeing some incredible offers come and go, but no offer has ever been quite as good as this one. Offering a colossal 25% discount on its already-brilliant unlimited data SIM only deal, underdog Smarty has just dropped the best SIMO we’ve ever seen. And no…that’s not just us being dramatic. So what’s so great about this offer? Well, the key feature is its pricing. Marked down from £25 a month to £18.75, until July 16 Smarty will have the cheapest unlimited data SIMO out there.Click this link to head straight through to Smarty and sign up – or keep reading for more details.But it’s not just the pricing that puts Smarty above the rest right now. One of Smarty’s key selling points is its flexibility, offering all of its contracts on a rolling 1-month basis. That means that you can leave whenever you want and stay as long as you like, keeping this £18.75 pricing for the rest of your life if you’re dedicated enough.Finally, if all of that wasn’t already enough, Smarty offers tethering with this plan with no speed caps. That means you could connect your tablet, laptop or console, use unlimited data and not get your speeds capped at all.Now you know what’s up for grabs, you can see this offer in full below. We would point out that this is unlikely to be toppled, even by Three – the erstwhile king of unlimited data.

Smarty’s superb SIM only deal in full:
What other SIM only deals are available?
While no unlimited data SIMO is going to beat this, Three sits in a close second place. With two separate unlimited data offers, one for two years at £20 a month and the other for one year at £22 a month, Three isn’t far behind Smarty. So if you like your SIMO from a name you know or will be missing the end date of this deal, Three could be the way to go.Or if £18.75 is still more than you’re willing to spend, Vodafone’s 8GB of data for £10 a month is an affordable way to get a decent amount of internet each month.Finally, for those who prioritise speed over everything else, we would recommend EE’s 25GB for £23 a month. More expensive than Smarty but you get access to the UK’s fastest 4G speeds. 
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