This solar-powered drone can stay airborne for a year

Main image: PHASA-35 will fly itself for months at a time. Credit: Prismatic/BAE SystemsThe longest passenger flight is a whopping 19-hour service on Singapore Airlines between Singapore and Newark, but how about a non-stop flight lasting and entire year? British aerospace company Prismatic is now working on a solar-powered drone that can stay airborne for[…]

Intel Cascade Lake-X release date, news and rumors

In 2017, Intel reacted to the threat of Threadripper by pumping out high core count (HCC) Skylake-X processors in the consumer space. And, while processors like the Core i9-7980XE outperformed the highest-end Ryzen Threadripper 1950X, they were also much more expensive, leading more enthusiast consumers to go with AMD’s high-end desktop (HEDT) solution. While we know[…]

MacBook Pro 2019: what we want to see

If you’ve been a MacBook user for many years now, you might feel like Apple has lost that edge that essentially propelled the company out of its dark ages. While they’ve been rolling up new MacBook Pro models (and other devices, for that matter) faster than our bank accounts can keep up – and some[…]

Surface Studio 2: what we want to see

When it was revealed by Microsoft, the Windows 10-powered Surface Studio shocked the world. Fast forward to 2018, and we’re extremely eager to get our hands on the sequel.While the original was lacking when it came to ports, the Surface Studio could – and should – rectify this by coming with an 8th-generation Coffee Lake[…]

AMD Ryzen Threadripper release date, news and features: everything you need to know

Last year, AMD released its Ryzen line of processors, but it didn’t stop there. Later in August 2017, AMD launched three impressively overclockable high-end desktop CPUs – named ‘Threadripper’. However, AMD didn’t just sit on its laurels after releasing the fastest processor we’ve used. AMD has also suggested that bitcoin miners use Threadripper CPUs for cryptocurrency[…]

Google Pixelbook 2: what we want to see

The Google Pixelbook is the premier example of what a Chromebook can be. We gave it five stars for just that reason. And, after almost a year, it still stands. That said, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to future generations of products, and the Pixelbook is no exception. After careful thought, and nearly[…]

The best free email client 2018

If you use more than one email account, as most of us do, the right email client will really take the hassle out of managing your messages. Once you’ve found the right one for you, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. This is particularly true if those accounts are with different providers, which[…]